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Federal Government

Bill of Rights
Basic Rights and Participation
Amendment Process
Federal Government
Bills come to Law
Legislative Branch
Executive Branch
Judicial Branch

This page will teach you all about the Federal Government and how the Constitution sets up our Federal Government.

The Constitution:

Sets up our federal government by spliting the power into three branches and by sharing the power between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.



 The Legislative Branch:
- can override a veto
-  impeach judges
-  reject presidential appointments
- refuse to  approve treaties
 The Executive Branch:
-vetos legislation
-appoints judges
-proposes policy
-carries out laws
-makes treaties
 The Judicial Branch:
- can declare acts of the president unconstitutional
-can declare laws unconstitutional

The Checks and Balances System:
Works by each branch checking the others, to make sure that one does not become more powerful than the others.


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