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Boring Stuff

Bill of Rights
Basic Rights and Participation
Amendment Process
Federal Government
Bills come to Law
Legislative Branch
Executive Branch
Judicial Branch
   Welcome to Boring Stuff where you will learn all about the Federal Government and the Constitution.
   The Major Principles of the Constitution
  1.  Popular Soverteny: People are the sorce of the governments power.
  2. Republicism: People elect their own political repersentitives
  3. Limited government: constitution limits the actions for government by specifically listing power it does and does not have.
  4. Federalism: In this government system, power is divied between national and state government.
  5. Seperation of Powers: Each of the three branches of government has its own responsibilites.
  6. Checks and Balances: Each Branch of government holds some control over the other two branches.
  7. Individual Rights: Basic liberty and rights of all citizens are garenteed in the Bill of Rights.


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